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Our espresso bar offers a variety of coffee, non-coffee, and specialty drinks. All of our coffee and espresso drinks are made with our 100% organic, fresh-roasted, specialty coffee beans. We also offer a variety of pastries from local bakeries. We have highlighted our favorite menu items below. Check out our full menu for a complete list of offerings and pricing.  


Batch Brew

Offerings vary daily

Drip coffee is brewed fresh daily. Bring your own mug for a discount. 

Cold Brew

Bold and balanced

Water is steeped in coffee grounds overnight and strained at the perfect time for a deliciously bold coffee served over ice. 

AeroPress Coffee

Choose your own coffee

The AeroPress coffee maker is a Deltina favorite. We will brew a fresh cup, and you get to choose the beans we use!




Featuring our Cypress blend

Enjoy shots of our carefully curated espresso blend, Cypress. Made primarily with South American beans, this dark roast is nutty and bold. 


Espresso and steamed milk

Two shots of espresso and steamed milk. Add a syrup flavor for a sweet treat!


Espresso, chocolate, milk

Two shots of espresso with rich, delicious chocolate and steamed milk. Available in white chocolate and Mexican spiced chocolate, too!


Espresso and foam

Two shots of espresso with foamy farm-fresh milk. Non-dairy milk available at no extra cost!


Espresso and hot water

Two shots of espresso with hot water. This is a Deltina team favorite. Ask for it iced with a splash of creamer for a great afternoon beach treat! 


Chai Tea Latte

Sweet with a hint of vanilla

If you are a fan of chai, you will love this drink! Made with a sweet, vanilla flavored chai and streamed milk, this drink is delicious hot or iced. Want a little more caffeine? Add a shot of espresso!

Matcha Latte

Green tea and milk

We use a sweet matcha powder and steam it with farm-fresh milk; all the caffeine without the coffee!


Multiple flavors available

We have a variety of beautiful, organic teas hand-crafted locally by The Secret Garden in San Luis Obispo, CA. 

Good pure coffee experience...The flavors are robust and delicious!

Bry Russell

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