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Cypress Espresso is one of our core blends offered year-round designed specifically for an espresso, but also enjoyable as traditionally brewed coffee.


This complex, medium-dark (Full-City+) blend is carefully crafted for strong body, low-acidity, pronounced chocolate and nutty notes, with a hint of fruit at the finish. This blend is great in the morning or pairs well with dessert. 


Keep forgetting to order? Subscribe to a weekly or monthly shipment of Cypress, and we will remember all of the details for you!

Cypress Espresso (12oz)

Price Options
One-time purchase
Deltina Coffee Club
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$18.25every week until canceled
Deltina Coffee Club
Get fresh coffee delivered monthly!
$18.25every month until canceled

We will ship your coffee within a couple days of roasting so that you receive the shipment at the peak of freshness. Avoiding exposure to oxygen is the best way to preserve the freshness and flavor of your coffee, so, if possible, store in an air tight container (our bags are perfect) and grind your coffee just before brewing.  A “burr” grinder is recommended to ensure consistency of your grind and extraction.

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